Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning implementation can be a daunting task, often taking a number of months to complete and costing more than the price of the software and hardware involved. But if you are prepared, and the proper resources are applied to the job, ERP system implementation can be completed on time, within budget, and delivering excellent return on investment (ROI).

ERP system implementation can be a difficult transition for a company but properly planned, adequately supported and managed, and implemented by a motivated cross-functional team with senior management support, the new system can supply the tools and the industry-proven best practices that will take your company to the next level of performance, longevity and profit.

Bareki can help your organization minimize disruption and delays associated with the deployment of enterprise software. To achieve operational efficiency and a high return on investment from new technology, private and public sector organizations turn to the Bareki team and rely on our Implementation Methodology. Our technology-agnostic methodology is based on collective experience with lots of ERP implementations.

With this approach, your organization will realize the benefits you expect. In the private sector, this means cost savings and increased productivity. In the public sector, this translates to improved services for taxpayers.

We have skills for all leading ERP Vendors including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage to name a few.

Understanding the needs of the client

Their issues range from delivering cost savings to the bottom line; sourcing effectively from low cost regions; working together with suppliers to deliver value for the longer term through to developing talent within the procurement team. These challenges are often intensified by addressing them in complex, international, multi-functional environments.