Master Data Management (MDM)

Master Data is the shared business critical information within an enterprise about customers, suppliers and products that supports the transactional and analytical operations. Accurate Master Data speeds up product introduction cycles, improves ability to cross sell/up sell, and tightens regulatory compliance to customer privacy and vendor listing. It also enables a seamless customer experience across channels, brands, and functions. Master Data Management puts in place tools, processes, and controls that reduce errors, improve data usability and quality, as well as reliability of Master Data.

Data Cleansing in simple words refers to the process of cleaning and standardizing data to match the business requirements. Data quality is largely affected by the way data is entered, stored and managed. Since data is entered and recorded by different people at different levels in an organization.

Bareki’s data cleansing services include merging, migration, rebuilding, de-duplication, standardisation, normalisation, verifying, enriching & appending missing data. Expressed another way, we do whatever it takes to provide you with clean data.

Our data cleaning solutions increase your organisation’s ROI and productivity whilst reducing cost and wastage.

Delivering sustainable results

In the long run, the true measure of success lies in our ability to transfer skills and know-how that allow the client to own, sustain and build upon the results delivered during a project.