Services Procurement

Services procurement encompasses the strategic management and procuring of complex category services such as contract labour, consultancy services, marketing, print, travel, telecoms and legal services.

Services spend represents an enormous expense and while companies try in earnest to control the costs, few have the same visibility into their services expenditure as for goods and materials.

It is estimated that nearly 50 per cent of corporate procurement spending is for services, and for even the most proficient enterprise, services spending can still be an abyss of unsourced buying and lost savings opportunities.

Consequently leading organisations are looking at methods for tracking this spend and the significant savings a correctly centralised services procurement strategy can deliver.

Delivering more from your procurement and supply chain

Bareki works with leading South African and Global organisations across a range of industries. They often have well performing procurement functions but are looking to us to help them reach the next level of excellence and raise the profile of the procurement function.